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Icons Post #15

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-CREDIT ME IF TAKING! Someone always ends up stealing my icons when I post a batch... This is why some of my graphics are f-locked.
-DO NOT HOTLINK! It really sucks >.<
-DO NOT EDIT! That's just rude.
-RESOURCES are in my 'Resources' post :D
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made these while procrastinating from doing homework.
they're not great, but maybe someone will like rainbows textures...

Hey!Say!JUMP [1-10]
Kanjani8 [11-12]


Please Credit If Used~
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Ohno, Ohno, and More Ohno

-Credit is a MUST [There have been a few people who are using my icons, and not crediting. Please please credit if you use]
-Icons are NOT BASES [So please don't edit them]
-Comment if you take? Thankies~

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